A Year in Facebook

I recently blogged my end of year blog review. I noticed however that there has been a lot more traffic to the Shooterz Facebook page. I am going to credit the Heart of Kent Hospice with this increase in traffic rather than the quality of my writing. Hopefully the quality of the photos does help! […]


Have I saved the best ‘until last in this series of mine about photography related social networking sites? Facebook hosts too many photos to number, so although it’s main purpose in life might not be about photos (originally at least) it still counts in my opinion. Facebook is so accessible, its easy for anyone to […]


This is the third in my set of posts about the photography social networking sites that I have accounts with. Flickr is probably the oldest and most commonly heard of photo sharing site around. It has been going for years now. You might say that it is the original and some would say still the […]


In my continuing saga of photography related social networking sites that I have accounts for, this post is about 500px. 500px is, in relative terms,  a fairly recent newcomer to the photography social networking scene. It was a bit of a game changer though. They had a very different (at least it was at the […]


This is going to be the first in a set of posts where I tell you about the different photograph related social networking sites that I have accounts with. The first post is about Pixoto. Pixoto is one of those photography based social networking type sites that I have an account with. I upload some […]

Social Media

There are so many social media sites these days how do you know which ones are the right ones to be on? Well you don’t really do you, so you end up having a presence on them all !! (well the main ones at least). Shooterz has a presence on each of the following sites. […]


I found this excellent tool referenced in one of the blogs that I read that led me to the Fairtrade Photographer Blog and there onto Tineye. Tineye is an image search engine with a bit of a twist. You feed it an image and it compares it against it’s web trawled and indexed image library […]