2011 Kent Show

I was working at the Kent Show last weekend and took a few photos during the weekend. What was the highlight of the weekend I hear you ask . . . . well, unfortunately it was the weather ! On the Friday it was hot and sunny, see what a good time the morris dancers had:
Compare this with the experience on the Saturday and Sunday:
20110716-untitled-104Oh dear! I haven’t seen so much rain in many many years. I bumped into some great people over the weekend some old faces and some new . . .
This bunch of likely looking lads were the team from Excell looking after the power on the site. A good bunch of guys who worked tirelessly to keep the site running . . even dealt with the fallout of the lightning which tripped power to some areas of the site.20110715-2011KentShow-071
I took in the view at the KCC stand and saw the impressive LED video wall installed by my friends at Shock Solutions. 6m x 3m of high-res LED was pretty impressive.
Pat Marsh was doing a stirling job in the rain enticing people into the KCC marquee.
KCC also had an amazing entertainer on hand who I only know as Stuart so cant provide a link unfortunately. I have seen Stuart in his many guises over the years and he is brilliant !! He has several costumes but the most popular has to be the man in the cage.
The weather did put a bit of a damper on the weekend and must have affected the number of visitors to the show. Lets hope the weather stays onside next year and makes all the effort that little bit more worthwhile for everyone involved.

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