2017 HOKH Rainbow Run

Sunday 14th May was Heart of Kent Hospice’s third Rainbow run event. Held once again in the lovely surroundings of Mote Park, the event attracted over 500 participants. It was a bit of a surprise for the other Park users that decided to go for a walk around the lake that day! They were lucky not to get covered in paint and gunge! Gunge was a new ingredient added to the mix this year at the first station. Personally I prefer the look of the paint for the photos but I don’t actually do the 5km run / trot / jog / walk that the participants complete so who am I to complain.


It’s nice to see the contrast from the start, where participants are generally wearing white t-shirts, to the finish where they are covered in a variety of colours, gunge and this year also foam. Foam was another new addition to the finish line this year. It went down very well with the younger runners!

I saw lots of broad smiles and it looked like everyone that took part had a fantastic time raising valuable money for the Heart of Kent Hospice. It’s an impossible job to try and keep track of who I have and who I haven’t managed to get photos of when there are so many participants. As I cycle around the route, I try not to get the same groups of people all the time but inevitably I probably have multiple photos of some and no photos of others.



Sorry if I missed you. Come back next year and we’ll all try again!

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