Brighton Hen Doo

A friend of mine from work was going on a hen doo to Brighton and thought it would be a great idea to ask me to go and get some nice photos of all the ladies together to supplement the usual drunken, blurred photos that we are all used to seeing.
So . . .  it was a lovely day last Saturday and the beach at Brighton was rammed !! All my ideas for girls running up and down the beach were out of the window. Here’s what we did manage to get . . . . .
20110702-Hen Doo Brighton-079
20110702-Hen Doo Brighton-313
20110702-Hen Doo Brighton-343
We progressed from whole group photos to some smaller groups of friends etc and I ended by hanging back a bit whilst they all chilled on the beach and got some individual portraits. It was a lovely afternoon and all worked out pretty well in the end.
20110702-Hen Doo Brighton-369
Here’s the bride to be enjoying her weekend. Best of luck for her big day. Call me if your photographer goes sick on the day 🙂
20110702-Hen Doo Brighton-419

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