Casablanca Steps @ Kent Show 2013

I promise that I wont do this every year! I have blogged about this group before. I saw Casablanca Steps again at this years Kent County Show. I just LOVE these guys ! They are so entertaining, I laugh so much watching these guys go through their routines. Yes – I’ve seen a lot of them before but there’s always something different and I have plenty of favourites that I’m happy to watch time and again.20130712-KentShow2013-458
I would pay the entrance ticket fee and just sit and watch these guys all day.20130712-KentShow2013-28120130712-KentShow2013-28520130712-KentShow2013-28720130712-KentShow2013-29420130712-KentShow2013-29520130712-KentShow2013-288Great performances gents – cant wait until next year. . .

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