Casablanca Steps

It’s always nice to see my photos being used somewhere. Last summer at the Kent Show I watched the Casablanca Steps doing their thing again. I love watching this foursome playing their tunes. They are hugely entertaining and I try and catch them every year. This year I had my camera and as well as catching photos of them performing, I also spent some time with the band on their ‘downtime’ and we hung around the classic cars for some photos. I cant explain how funny this bunch of guys are !! If you get an opportunity go and see them. Anyway . .. I noticed today that they have used some of the photos that I sent them on their website. Have a look at their gallery and compare with some of the images below . . . . 2010_07_18-0012010_07_18-0022010_07_18-0032010_07_18-0042010_07_18-0082010_07_18-0052010_07_18-007

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