Chief Scouts Visit to Kent

Today was a good day. Talk about organised chaos though! A friend of mine was asked to help take photo’s of the Chief Scouts Visit to Kent. In turn he asked if I would like to come along as well. Here’s some of my highlights before getting more photos up onto the website. Bear Grylls (Chief Scout if you didn’t know) flew in by helicopter and spent a hectic 45 minutes on the ground at the Kent Scouts Barn. He then jumped back aboard the helicopter and headed off to the Detling showground to be mobbed no doubt by further crowds of Scouts. I wonder if it was as hectic up there . . . . ? He started with a climb up the wall and a quick address to the crowd gathered below. 2010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0112010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-015 A trip on the zip wire and then some official business unveiling the plaque and meeting some sponsors. 2010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0162010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-031 Then into the barn to complete as many of the challenges as he had time for  . . . 2010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0422010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0442010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-068 A couple of presentations and he was on his way again 2010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0482010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-049 2010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0762010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-0782010_10_03 Chief Scout Visit-080 It turned out I wasn’t really even second shooter as there was a whole bunch of us; me, my friend, an Explorer Scout photographer, one sent from National HQ, another from Southern Water (a sponsor) and another guy in a grey hoodie that kept popping up. Unfortunately that means there aren’t (m)any photos where Bear was actually looking at me. It was still a good day though!

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