Cinque Port Morris–May Day

OK – the clue is in the title! This post should have been written a LONG time ago. I enjoyed a great day in the company of a bunch of rather fine fellows back on the 1st May.
Its an annual tradition of the Morris to dance with sun up on the 1st of May. Basically, that means getting up in the dark at silly o clock in the morning.
The Cinque Port Morris side invited me along for their annual tour which started at the Smallhythe National Trust property. 20150501-CinquePortMayDay-080
The tour continues onto Winchelsea church and a further set of dances amongst the ruins of this church. The church isn’t entirely in ruins and is still in good working order!

After Winchelsea, Cinque Port Morris move onto Rye Harbour. We’ve already been on the go for a few hours now so the ladies of the ‘Bosuns Bite’ cafe at the harbour lay on a fantastic and very welcomed cooked breakfast to give energy for the next set of dances.20150501-CinquePortMayDay-24920150501-CinquePortMayDay-25820150501-CinquePortMayDay-253
As the morning moves on, so it is time for the Morris men to move into Rye proper and continue to entertain. Its a bit of a miserable day though so far and the crowds aren’t as great as they have been in some previous years.
The penultimate venue for the day is held down at the Rye gun emplacement barricades. Its a lovely spot with great views.20150501-CinquePortMayDay-52520150501-CinquePortMayDay-50820150501-CinquePortMayDay-560
I always enjoy the company of this merry band of men and we ended the day down in the town of Rye.20150501-CinquePortMayDay-69020150501-CinquePortMayDay-67620150501-CinquePortMayDay-723
I cant wait for next year to repeat the experience. Is there anything more English than Morris dancing? As the photos show, the weather picked up as the day progressed and we ended the day dancing in the sunshine in front of an appreciative crowd.

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