East Lancs Scouts–Pulse 2010

Saturday 23rd October saw my friend ‘DJ Nev’ and I take a small road trip from Maidstone all the way up to Blackburn. The purpose was for DJ Nev to play to a waiting crowd of Explorer Scouts at Bowley Scout Centre and for me to capture the event with photos. As with many Scout events, it was held in a marquee but that doesn’t stop a proper job being done. A pro spec lighting and sound setup was to be found to provide a good club vibe. 2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-032_th2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-035_th 2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-038_th2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-043_th2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-044_th2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-034_th The place was jumping and a small crowd gathered to show their appreciation at the end of the evening. 2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-104_th Hats off to the guy that spent the whole evening dressed in the skin tight suit. 2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-105_th And thanks to Matt for organising the whole thing. 2010_10_23-Lancs-Scouts-Pulse-106_th Here’s a small video clip from the evening:

The whole set of photos can be seen and high-res images purchased (£1 each) from the Shooterz website.

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