Electric Forest 2011

I went to the ‘Electric Forest’ display in Bedgebury Pinetum this October half term week to see what they had done with the forest. They lit up the forest in a wonderful display of colours and played sounds around the laid out trail. 20111026-Bedgebury-067 I had expected that they would light up the lake and the Pinetum part of the forest. Instead they had catered more to the families and children by lighting up smaller tracks through the forest leading to and around some of the children’s play equipment which had also been illuminated. 20111026-Bedgebury-039 They had a stop part way around the trail for refreshments where people could take a breather. This area was also lit up and had a really nice backdrop of illuminated trees. 20111026-Bedgebury-085 There were lots of families and children on the trail enjoying the sights and playing with their torches in the dark having a good time. 20111026-Bedgebury-014 One of the nicest parts of the trail was towards the end where a number of glitter balls had been hung up with spotlights on them. The whole area was bathed in soft light and the autumn leaves on the ground were lit up really nicely by the spinning glitter balls. With chilled music in the background it was my favourite scene. 20111026-Bedgebury-123 There was one water lit scene at the start of the trail which was more like what I had been expecting of the evening. 20111026-Bedgebury-005 Click on the pictures to see larger versions. These have been some of my favourites shots from the evening – there are others but I think I’ve given a broad idea of what the evening was like. They recommended an hour to go around the trail but it took me and my friend Jim 2 1/2  hours to go round with our cameras. Good job they didn’t limit the amount of time that you could spend on the trail. It was a bit pricey at £16 per adult and £10 per concession but I am glad that we made the trip. It was a fine experience and maybe we should have taken some children with us.

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