Fisherman's Friends

I was on holiday in Cornwall and had the opportunity to go and listen to the now pretty famous ‘Fisherman’s Friends’ of Port Isaac. They had recently returned to performing on the odd occasion in the harbour of Port Isaac on Friday evenings. 20140418-Cornwall-770 For an ad-hoc event, a sizeable crowd turned out to greet the singers. It was a spring high tide so space was a bit limited and it really was standing room only. I had hoped to get some great photos of these gents in their most natural habitat. The crowds made it really difficult and I had to grab shots between the heads of the crowd. 20140418-Cornwall-734 It was a real privilege to see the Fisherman’s Friends perform like this. It was a really hearty performance and they created such an atmosphere right on the harbour side. I hope they manage to continue to put on performances in this way for many years to come. It is all capella with occasional support from a guitar and or melodian. 20140418-Cornwall-687 I tried to get a decent photo of each of the singers, I hope I haven’t disappointed! 20140418-Cornwall-757 20140418-Cornwall-690 20140418-Cornwall-754 20140418-Cornwall-708 This last shot is of the harbour scene at the end of the performance when many people were heading back up the hill to their cars. The whole ‘Platt’ was crammed with people during the performance. 20140418-Cornwall-773 I need to dash off and pickup a CD now to remember the experience and the depth of their sound. If you haven’t heard them before, here is a little clip that I recorded whilst I was there . . .

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