Heart of Kent Hospice Brands Hatch 10k

20150612-BrandsHatch10K-247 Sorry its been so long since I last posted an update.  Life has been busy and I’ve neglected my blog. I have been busy with the camera so hopefully I will catch up over the next few weeks. 20150612-BrandsHatch10K-367 On Friday 12th June, Heart of Kent Hospice held their 2nd 10k run at Brands Hatch. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite as kind this year and moments after the run started, the rain started as well. It had been quite a humid day so I think some of the runners actually liked the rain cooling things down a bit. 20150612-BrandsHatch10K-842 It seemed to be  a well attended event and I think there were about 250 runners that took part. There was only runner in fancy dress that i saw though – he must have been mad on such a humid evening! 20150612-BrandsHatch10K-502 I managed to shelter under a bridge during the rain and keep on shooting. The runners co-operated with me and gave me lots of great photo opportunities. It looks like the runners really were having a good time!20150612-BrandsHatch10K-644 For the second year I noticed that there is a great atmosphere at this event. I don’t know whether its the venue or more likely the community of runners and running clubs that attend. Everyone seems happy and smiley, no matter what the weather. 20150612-BrandsHatch10K-477 I’ve posted small copies of the photos on Facebook but the better quality ones can be found over on the Shooterz website . If you download them (which is OK for your own personal use) then please make a donation to the hospice. 20150612-BrandsHatch10K-896

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