Heart of Kent Hospice Cycling Sportive

Picture the scene, Sunday morning, early in the heart of the Kent countryside, all there is as far as the eye can see is damp lycra and rubber! That’s right – it was raining on the morning of the Heart of Kent Hospice cycling sportive fundraiser. Approximately 450 soggy cyclists waiting for the off, all in a line. (It was more of a big bunch really.) Heart of Kent Hospice needed some photos to help promote their future events and I was only too pleased to help this local and worthy charity. 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-844 Don’t panic though – this huge mass of riders weren’t released onto the Kent roads all at the same time! About 20 riders at a time were set off at 2 minute intervals so that the cars would have a chance. 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-974 Apparently the gent below had chosen this day to wear his brand new white socks. I wish I’d seen them at the end of the ride! 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-941 Despite the poor weather at the start of the event, people appeared to be in good spirits and you could tell that many were also raring to get started. 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-935 HOKH laid out three route for riders to choose from, 35km, 68km or the mighty 100km route. An added bonus for the 100km riders was that they had electronic chips attached to their bikes so that their times could be recorded as they crossed the start and finish lines 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-1105 These three guys were the first 100km riders across the finish line in under 3hrs 15 minutes. What a great effort! 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-115520140427-HOKH Sprtive-117020140427-HOKH Sprtive-1172 Luckily after a couple of hours the weather cleared and the sun started to shine. Riders were relaxing in the sunshine after their exertions. 20140427-HOKH Sprtive-1317 Unfortunately I couldn’t be there all day but I do have photo’s of riders leaving the start and some of the finishers over on my website. You are welcome to go take a look and download freely for your own personal use. www.shooterz.co.uk. Look in the ‘Albums’ section for this event. The Heart of Kent Hospice website reports that they are hoping to raise £30,000 from this event – that’s an amazing amount of money, but still only a fraction of the annual costs. Keep donating. . . Well done to everyone that took part and also to all the organisers and of course the sponsors.

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