HOKH 5K Rainbow Run Pt1

It seems that a rainbow run has never been run in Maidstone before. The Heart of Kent Hospice certainly sorted that out on Sunday!If you aren’t sure what a ‘rainbow run’ is then in a nutshell . . . run, walk, skip whatever you can manage for 5k around Mote Park and at every kilometre people are going to throw powder paint at you and cover you in colour. (Its not actually paint btw – its food grade corn starch powder – now you know !). This wasn’t a race, it was purely for fun and open to pretty much anyone that could make it around the route. A trainer from LA Fitness got the 1,000+ runners warmed up at the start. It was a beautiful day, the weather couldn’t have been better! 20140928-RainbowRun-140 I gave some thought to how this blog post was going to look. I had a load of great photos from this truly awesome event but wanted to spread the photos between the other social media channels that I use (OK’s that basically means Facebook!). I wanted to focus on the ‘characters’ from this event here and save the group shots for elsewhere. Here are a subset of character photos. Get to the bottom to see the final group shot of the day which was an amazing spectacle! 20140928-RainbowRun-32520140928-RainbowRun-33020140928-RainbowRun-36620140928-RainbowRun-37320140928-RainbowRun-40120140928-RainbowRun-41020140928-RainbowRun-41720140928-RainbowRun-45020140928-RainbowRun-48020140928-RainbowRun-48120140928-RainbowRun-485 I will do a second post of people getting covered in paint and to show the whole mess and fun of the event later in the week for you all. . . . except to show this final group shot:20140928-RainbowRun-511From the smiles on the faces of all the people, you can see what a great time they had. I hope the Heart of Kent Hospice raise a good amount of money from this event and I hope they decide to run it again – it can only get bigger and bigger based on the success of this years event.

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