HOKH 5K Rainbow Run Pt2

I promised you earlier in the week to share some photos of the paint action from the Heart of Kent Hospice 5k rainbow run. It was such fun to be there and see all the action. Have a look at these and see what you think . . . To start, here was the very first handful of paint (not) thrown at the runners:20140928-RainbowRun-161 You can see that as soon as the paint really started flying the paint stops became paint ‘clouds’ and paint filled the air. 20140928-RainbowRun-16820140928-RainbowRun-176 Unfortunately I missed the red paint stop but you could see that they had really gone to town on some of the runners.20140928-RainbowRun-22820140928-RainbowRun-243Having said that, all the paint throwers seem to really enjoy their ‘work’ . . . 20140928-RainbowRun-25220140928-RainbowRun-268 Here’s someone emerging from the ‘pink’ paint cloud20140928-RainbowRun-29620140928-RainbowRun-294 At the finish line, runners were able to buy extra bags of paint in case they weren’t quite colourful enough already or needed more laughs!20140928-RainbowRun-45620140928-RainbowRun-49020140928-RainbowRun-573 To finish, here’s another variation on that final group photo which looked so great. Mind you I’m glad I wasn’t in the middle of it like Ben Pearce from KMFM !20140928-RainbowRun-513

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