HOKH Brands Hatch 10K

On June 3rd, for the third year, the Heart of Kent Hospice held a 10K run around Brands Hatch. As with last year, they held a 2K fun run before the main event to allow some of our future runners, the experience of running around this iconic venue. I always like to see the big crowd shots at these events, I think the crowds always look good.

2016 HOKH Brands Hatch Starting photo HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch Fun runners warming up

Across both the events there were over 200 runners on the evening. It was a bit cold to start and later on it got a little bit damp as well. So, all in all, the weather could have been a lot kinder to both the runners and the volunteers manning the event. I cycled out from the main straight and after a couple of false starts, eventually found myself a spot that I thought would yield good photos. It did feel a little bit odd to be sitting in the middle of the track on my little stool with my camera but I liked the view of the runners cresting the hill and appearing from the distance.

2016 HOKH Brands Hatch lone runner HOKH 2016 Brnads Hatch runners cresting hill

Brands Hatch is actually quite a hilly venue. I always imagined from the TV, that motor sport circuits were always built on the flat, but I was very wrong in that presumption. Unfortunately, it feels like the number of runners is dropping off for this event and apparently it is the hills that put off the serious runners. They cant get PB’s (Personal Bests) at this venue so once they have ticked off the experience, they don’t all come back!

The family runners don’t have the same hills, or distance of course, to deal with. All the runners did well to get out and help to raise the ever so important funds needed to keep the Heart of Kent Hospice running. My favourite photos really, are the ones where the runners play up to the camera a bit and give a cheery wave or more. Here’s a selection from the event . . .

20160603-brands10k-517 HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runnersHOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners HOKH 2016 Brands Hatch runners

All the photos can be found on the Shooterz website at https://www.shooterz.co.uk/hokh/

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