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I was so lucky to have been part of the British Pullman experience last weekend which was chartered by the Heart of Kent Hospice. Its the first time that the Pullman experience has started from Maidstone in Kent.
It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining (it was a little too hot really) and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. People had dressed up for the occasion and there was even a three piece jazz band playing on the platform waiting to welcome the special train into the platform. 20150704-OrientExpress-013
Everything about the day was ‘classy’! And when the train did arrive (on time) you could feel the excitement. The train staff were excellent, professional and polite at all times.
The food that was provided on the journey was top class. I saw the kitchens that the chefs were working in and they were TINY! No microwaves or fancy modern equipment and the whole thing rocks from side to side the whole time. I would struggle to deliver my classic cheese on toast! 20150704-OrientExpress-174
Every carriage has its own name and its own styling. They are all unique and each carriage has its own back story to tell. The atmosphere and the surroundings were all dripping in character and comfort. I tell you – it wasn’t like this when I used to commute to London every day! 20150704-OrientExpress-23020150704-OrientExpress-167
There was a mix of open carriage space (see above) and more private spaces for four people to share. The example in the photo below is of the four lucky ladies that won the raffle prize of six bottles of champagne.
These were the lucky people that I shared my journey with. I hope I didn’t lessen the experience for them with my constant coming and going. 20150704-OrientExpress-136
There were a number of people that used the experience to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. I am sure that this trip will have provided a fitting and lasting memory for any occasion being marked. The train journey lasted about four hours and went from Maidstone to Ashford before heading out to the coast for a loop before making its way back to Maidstone via Ashford again. 20150704-OrientExpress-198
The whole day was fantastic, the staff, the people, the carriages, the food, everything was simply amazing. For the full set of photos head over to the Shooterz website and you can download the photos for your own personal use. Please make a donation to the Heart of Kent Hospice if you like the photos by going to www.justgiving.com/hokh or by texting ‘RACE 16 £5’ to 70070.

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