HOKH Cycling Sportive 2016


This was my third year covering the HOKH cycling sportive. I usually only manage to cover the start line, but this year Tom, the other Hospice photographer was also available. I decided to go out onto the route and try to get some photos of cyclists in our wonderful Kent countryside for a change.

There were three distances for riders to choose from, the longest being 100km. About 200 riders opted for this challenge and another hundred or so chose between the 65km or the 38km distances. All routes set off and finished at the East Malling Research Centre.

After catching the first few riders setting off, I went out and drove around the end of the route where I could catch all the riders passing by on their way back to the finish. Trying to find the ideal spot to stop, park and shoot photos from was harder than I imagined. Trying to find a spot in the open countryside didn’t work out but I found a spot where I had a good clear view down a winding country lane in the end and stuck with it. I hope riders like the new angle on the photos and are suitably impressed enough to want to make a further donation to the Hospice. I am pleased with the photos. I won’t have caught everyone but hopefully most riders will have a photo in this lot somewhere.


This event was set to have raised about £15,000 for the Heart of Kent Hospice which is a great amount in support of this local charity.

All the photos can be found on the Shooterz website at https://www.shooterz.co.uk/hokh/

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