HOKH Firewalk

What an exciting evening that was! Not for the faint hearted, the Heart of Kent Hospice organised a charity fire walking event! How and why doesn’t everyone get burnt? I don’t get it but I wasn’t intrigued enough to give it a go myself! I was more than happy to capture the event rather than take part in this one.

 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-086

There was an hours training for the participants before they got their turn to walk on fire. Scott, who runs the event is a two times Guinness world record holder for the longest walk on fire and he did admit that his feet did get quite warm on that occasion!

20160304-HOKH FireWalk-101

I had wondered how they were going to light the fire in Maidstone High street. The team from UKFireWalk were very organised and everything has been meticulously planned. A bed of turf had been laid down on welding sheets, to light the fire on, which protected the pavement from getting damaged.

 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-076

After the training, the 50 fire walkers emerged into the cold night air and removed their shoes and socks to stand on the -10 degree cold pavement. A bit of a contrast to the hot coals which were measured to be at a toasty 523 degrees!

 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-127

All of the participants walked over the coals successfully, most of them managed to do it a couple of times. If it looked like the coals were dying down a bit and might be cooling off, then the team from UKFirewalk, would re-rake some fresh coals over the bed to keep them really hot.

20160304-HOKH FireWalk-263 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-152 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-187 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-215 20160304-HOKH FireWalk-259

At the end of the event the participants were awarded their certificates by the Deputy Mayor of Maidstone, councillor xxx. This great evening raised over £11.5k for the Hospice which was a really great amount of money to help the Hospice deliver their wonderful services.

  20160304-HOKH FireWalk-374

The event was also kindly sponsored by Samsian, central heating and gas engineers. They had their very smart Land Rover Defender in attendance to help show their support.

20160304-HOKH FireWalk-357

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