Heart of Kent Hospice Road Run Warm up

HOKH Maidstone Road Run

This was the second Maidstone road run that the Heart of Kent Hospice had put on. Numbers were up this year from last, and the event attracted about 700 runners over the three distances. You could choose from 5k, 10k or half marathon distances. The morning of the event looked bright enough but it was bloomin cold!! The wind was biting and the runners were all trying to keep warm before the start of the run. It took a bit longer than anticipated to get everyone registered for the start of the event. The half marathon runners set off at about 9 o clock and the rest of the crowd set off just after 10 o clock.

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The event had been well organised by the Heart of Kent Hospice and most of the roads had been closed for the run which is obviously much nicer for the runners. It meant that it was nice and easy for me to get about on my bike as well to get some photos of the runners out on the route. I didn’t feel at all awkward cycling past the runners at apparent ease whilst they were huffing and puffing along.

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The first runner to complete the half marathon took about one hour and twenty minutes I think. I was out on my bike at the time and missed the first runners returning. Everyone was finished by about 12:15 so by my standards EVERYONE had done an amazing job. I struggle to run for the bus!

There was a huge turn out for Hayley’s Heroes, they were very visible in their bright orange tops and they had about 70 runners turn out.

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I believe that the Heart of Kent Hospice are hoping to have raised about £30k from this event which is really great!

Check the Shooterz website for the full set of my photos. I know with the back on forth on my bike that I wont have got a photo of everyone but the other photographer was taking photos at the finish line so there’s a good chance that one of us has got you if you took part in the run.

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