I had the pleasure of spending a day in the company of the cast and crew from Chichester University the other day. They are currently performing a Southern UK tour of the production ‘Honk’. This is an adaptation of the Ugly Duckling story. This leg of the tour was held at the Kent Scouts Barn. 20110401-Honk-091 They were a really nice bunch of people and they were very welcoming to me. I took photos during the ‘get in’ and the dress rehearsal. Unfortunately, due to the layout of the venue, there wasn’t really space for me to shoot during the show itself. Most of their day was spent adapting moves to accommodate the unusual ‘split’ audience as they would be performing in the middle of the audience. 20110401-Honk-242 Then  . . . to the show itself! It was a marvellous performance. There was some great acting and I found Honk both funny and moving. It took some nerve for the cast to perform so close to the audience, it was really up close and personal. The front rows could have reached out and touched the cast most of the time. I really loved the venue for getting the audience so close to the performance, it was a very different theatrical experience. I wonder if any people doubted the validity of the venue but I think it was a resounding success. So much of the show was simply but so effectively implemented, costumes, lighting, props all really worked well. 20110401-Honk-315 Low Res photos are on the shooterz facebook page. High Res photos will be put on the Shooterz website shortly. 20110401-Honk-398 I LOVED IT ! I wish the cast and crew all the best for the rest of the tour and for whatever they all get up to next as for many of them, this is their last year of University before they set off into the world beyond.

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