HOKH It’s a Knockout!

The Heart of Kent Hospice ‘It’s a Knockout’ event was held in Mote Park over the weekend of 14-15th May but I was only able to cover the event on the Saturday unfortunately. I haven’t laughed quite so much in a long time! I make no apologies for the number of photo’s in the accompanying photo album on the Shooterz website. I had such a great time and was clicking away like a mad man trying to get photos of as many contestants as I could. I know that I wont have a photo of everybody but with teams dressing the same and multiple games I hadn’t got a clue who I had already captured and who I had missed to be honest. The day was a whirlwind of activity and I barely caught my breath all day.

The day was arranged to raise funds for the Heart of Kent Hospice. I’ll eat my hat if they don’t end up running this event again either next year or the following. Graham Fishers’ Knockout team were superbly organised and everything ran like clockwork, contestants moving around the arena to compete in the various games that had been arranged one after the other. The banter between the hosts was comedy genius and the way that the staff interacted with the contestants was hilarious. Throwing water around freely and surprising everyone with their obviously well tried moves and tricks to keep contestants on their toes and watching their backs.

The water slide game was clearly the favourite with contestants and spectators alike and offered the best photo opportunities. All teams got to have a go at this one. The weather was a little cooler in the morning so the teams that tried this early on got a bit cold. I did ask and was told by the staff that the water was almost tropical in temperature. The faces of the contestants told quite a different story!

This fantastic weekend raised over £20,000 for the Hospice, so as well as having a great time, a large amount of money was raised for this worthy cause.

Tom Philips covered the event on the Sunday and you can see his excellent photos from that day on his website:

I hope to be at the event next time they run it – whether that is with camera in hand or participating, I don’t know yet! Here are a selection of my favourite photos from the day. If you like them and download them, please consider a donation to the Hospice to help further their cause.

20160514-Knockout-133 20160514-Knockout-288 20160514-Knockout-348 20160514-Knockout-353 20160514-Knockout-359 20160514-Knockout-386 20160514-Knockout-392 20160514-Knockout-414 20160514-Knockout-449 20160514-Knockout-590 20160514-Knockout-597 20160514-Knockout-600 20160514-Knockout-620 20160514-Knockout-625 20160514-Knockout-628 20160514-Knockout-648 20160514-Knockout-723 20160514-Knockout-733 20160514-Knockout-752 20160514-Knockout-758 20160514-Knockout-886 20160514-Knockout-983 20160514-Knockout-1036 20160514-Knockout-1039 20160514-Knockout-1093 20160514-Knockout-1109 20160514-Knockout-1211

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