ITV Rugby World Cup 2011

England may not have made their Rugby World Cup 2011 campaign go the distance, but before the ITV coverage moved out to New Zealand, I got an opportunity to go and photograph the set in the London studios. You’ll probably recognise this view . . . . 20110921-RugbyWorldCup-100 However, you probably wont have seen this view from round the back . . . 20110921-RugbyWorldCup-073 That big backdrop is actually created by a media server pushing out 11 HD video clips to 4 (circled) x 15,000 lumens Christie projectors. They have their images blended to create the illusion of a single seamless image. The man behind this technical wizardry is the owner of Shock Solutions, Andy Hook. Here he is playing with his new lighting control desk . . . . 20110921-RugbyWorldCup-235 He can do all sorts of things with that setup. Here’s an alternative view that I know you wont have seen before . . . . 20110921-RugbyWorldCup-160 Click on the images to see bigger views. It was a great privilege to see how things work behind the scenes, even if it was stupid o clock in the morning !

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