Kent County Show 2013

I was at the Kent Show this and this time without the burden of my day job so I could roam where I like and take photos. I only had a small amount of time though so I don’t think I saw everything. There was a lot to see and do at the Kent Show. This year the Kent Show had good weather. It was about time as well really, the last two or three years have not been kind. People still talk about the mud bath of 2012 so they were due some luck this year. I seem to always be drawn to the food, there was quite a variety on offer and some good bargains to be had as well. I could have left the showground 2 stone heavier if I had been a weaker man! 20130712-KentShow2013-145 20130712-KentShow2013-128 20130712-KentShow2013-238 Then of course you have a range of vehicles on display from the old to the older and then some shiny new examples to look at as well: 20130712-KentShow2013-071 20130712-KentShow2013-093 20130712-KentShow2013-179 20130712-KentShow2013-158 Being an agricultural show, there were of course a good number of animals to be seen around the place as well: 20130712-KentShow2013-358 20130712-KentShow2013-161 20130712-KentShow2013-205 Not all the animals were breeds that you would expect to see . . . 20130712-KentShow2013-474 There was then a further myriad of things to see and do . . . 20130712-KentShow2013-143 20130712-KentShow2013-297 20130712-KentShow2013-375 20130712-KentShow2013-417 I had a good morning at the Kent Show, it was well worth a visit. There is one snag which would be remiss of me not to mention. The ticket price is a bit steep and is bound to put some folk off. A couple of the photos above will feature in a couple of future blog posts as I think they are worthy of further mention. 20130712-KentShow2013-464

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