KIJ 2013 Closing Night – The Talent

Wow ! What a closing night. The crowds gathered and the skies stayed clear for the last shenanigans of the Scout’s Kent International Jamboree 2013. I’m going to split the closing into a couple of blog posts (just so that I can show some more photos really).
For me  (sorry all my Scouty friends) the highlight of the night was The Talent. This band seriously rocked the house / tent / field whatever you want to call it ???
I was lucky enough to have AAA access and here are some of the portrait type shots that I got from on the stage. Many of these photos would have been impossible to get without this level of access so many many thanks to the people that made that happen for me.
20130802-KIJ2013 Closing-24320130802-KIJ2013 Closing-29920130802-KIJ2013 Closing-302
I spoke with the band before and after the show. They said this was one of the biggest crowds they had played to (and also one of the youngest). Afterwards the band said that they had a really good time and the Scouts had been a cracking crowd to play to and had been really enthusiastic.20130802-KIJ2013 Closing-21720130802-KIJ2013 Closing-376
The Talent played for over two hours I think and covered so many great tracks. They were a great combination and you could tell they were having a great evening as well.20130802-KIJ2013 Closing-45420130802-KIJ2013 Closing-458
I have many more photos of The Talent which I will put a selection of, into a Facebook album and later, some others on the Shooterz website. I’ll let you know when the website ones are posted.

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