KIJ 2013 “Fire Night”

KIJ fire night was a real spectacle. A traditional Scout style campfire sing song to kick things off (sorry – no photos!). That’s if ‘traditional’ can be covered by several thousand participants! That was followed by a dazzling display of pyrotechnics. You can see from the photos that I managed to get  a privileged position high up in the air for these pictures.20130801-20130801-KIJ2013 Fire Night-060 This elevated position gives a great view of the scale of the Kent International Jamboree and shows the huge crowds of participants. The show consisted of a range of pyrotechnics and a pair of on stage dancers who flamboyantly played with a variety of flaming accessories. 20130801-20130801-KIJ2013 Fire Night-094Unfortunately, this is where my lofty position worked against me a bit. I couldn’t get any decent close up shots of the on stage antics from where I was.20130801-20130801-KIJ2013 Fire Night-103 It did look amazing though and I was treated to a rare view of proceedings which very few people were privilege to. 20130801-20130801-KIJ2013 Fire Night-124 For me this was yet another highlight of the KIJ event. The big stage items are always a thrill for me to be witness to.

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