London Olympics 2012

Living as I do in the South East corner of UK, it would have been rude not to have gone and seen the spectacle of the London 2012 Olympics. This isn’t the place to go into the lengths we had to go to, to actually get tickets but . . . we got tickets! I think they have done an amazing job of making the Olympic park look great, the canals and everything look great, I really hope it can be kept this way for the future.20120806-Olympics-4734 The view from the inside the Olympic Stadium was just as staggering. 20120806-Olympics-Pano3 80,000 people in one place is hard to imagine. There didn’t appear to be an empty seat in the place when I was there. 20120806-Olympics-4821 There were plenty of other landmarks to look out for whilst in the Olympic park. Some of these buildings are arguably some of the most famous on the planet right now. Here’s the aquatic centre where they are going to remove the extra wings from each side of the building after the games have finished. 20120806-Olympics-4730 Next is the cycling velodrome. I posted about this amazing building in the past (here). Here’s a shot from the outside this time: 20120806-Olympics-4929 Well, maybe this next one isn’t quite so famous, not sure what’s going on with this structure actually . . . . 20120806-Olympics-4903 It was a great day out and anyone who does have a ticket really needs to make the most of their day at the Olympics. The Olympics doesn’t come to town very often, probably only once in most peoples lifetimes.

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