Maidstone Gang Show 2011

Maidstone Gang Show had their biennual run at the Hazlitt theatre in Maidstone the other week. Always a good week full of re-unions and new friends. Being part of the ‘gang behind the gang’ meant that I didn’t get many opportunities to shoot the cast and the show so I took the opportunities I had and focused on the technical stuff instead. I think Shock Solutions emptied their warehouse for this one. There was a high res LED video wall, low res video arch, about 20 moving lights. Everywhere you looked backstage there were flight cases with the Shock logo’s on them. 20110416-2011 Gang Show-287 20110416-2011 Gang Show-319   20110416-2011 Gang Show-249 20110413-GangShow2011-409 20110416-2011 Gang Show-313 There are a lot more photos on my Facebook and Flickr accounts for you to have a look at . . . . Useless facts: The Gang Show has the second biggest ticket sales after the pantomime.

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