Maidstone Scout Gang Show

This weeks blog post is a few days late as I was waiting for the  Maidstone Gang Show to be over. What a week! I was part of the stage crew (the Gang behind the Gang so to speak) but took my camera down for a couple of nights. The conditions for photography were appalling !! Low light, changing colour lights on stage, funny angles from the wings. I love a challenge and the characters in the show are worth photographing. 20130601-MSGangShow-628 The Maidstone Gang Show is held every two years at the Hazlitt Theatre in Maidstone. They are the second biggest ticket seller at the theatre after the annual Christmas panto! The cast rehearse for about 7 months before they get to the theatre so they have put in some toil to bring a great show to their audiences. My favourite part of the show for 2013 was the synchronised hand clap (shown below) this was simply amazing to see and I was in awe ! 20130531-MSGangShow-213 Its not good form to single out individuals really when the Maidstone Gang Show is such a team performance but . . . . I got most enjoyment from the character you see below rocking out a scene from the stage show Joseph. 20130531-MSGangShow-167 Having mentioned the appalling angles from the wings (sides of the stage for the non-thespians of you), these photos were taken from the back of the auditorium when I had some downtime.

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