Rejoicing 70 Years

I had a great evening last weekend when I was invited to the Hilton Hotel in Maidstone to photograph the family celebrations of a joint 30th and 40th birthday party. Here are the birthday girls, I’m not going to be so bold as to identify whose birthday was whose . . . . 20121208-30and40thBirthday-8302 It seemed to me that they had a lovely evening with a lot of warm welcomes and plenty of chatting and laughter. I took plenty of casual photos and then grabbed some more staged family shots towards the end of my time with the family. 20121208-30and40thBirthday-8147 20121208-30and40thBirthday-8148 20121208-30and40thBirthday-8249 The contact was via Claire and Richard’s wedding (see blog post)that I shot earlier in the year so it was really nice to meet up with some familiar faces again. Here they are again, six months or so after their wedding. 20121208-30and40thBirthday-8222 I was made to feel really welcome so hopefully I will meet this family again. I was offered food and drink and had to remember that this was really supposed to be work! I didn’t get a chance to photograph the buffet but it did look and smell terrific! I did get a shot of the cakes though . . . 20121208-30and40thBirthday-8135

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