Shock Projection Testing

For any regular readers of my blog (are there any . . . .?) there are a few companies that I work with semi regularly. One of those is Shock Solutions. This week they have been testing some projection mapping. Projection mapping is where you take the biggest projectors that you can lay your hands on and then blast them at the side of a building, sort of ‘wrapping’ the images around the shape of the building. It’s pretty cool and this was just a test so not showing the full potential of what can be achieved but it was still exciting to go along and capture some photos. So how do you go about projecting images onto a water tower in the middle of a field . . . . 20120503-ShockProjection-1176 . . . mount three big Christie L2K1500 projectors on top of a generator and get a JCB to give you a lift of course! These Christie projectors throw out 15,000 lumens each, you would think that one was enough, but that’s not the way that Shock Solutions roll – they were using three! 20120503-ShockProjection-1168 It was getting pretty foggy as the light dropped which showed up the projection light nicely in the photos. 20120503-ShockProjection-1227 I did mention that this was in the middle of a field didn’t I? It’s not quite the same as having a projector in the living room. This next photo shows that we were at least 50 metres away from the water tower and still got a REALLY bright image projected from that distance. 20120503-ShockProjection-1226 My favourite photos of the night came after it got properly dark though. I got covered in mud and thoroughly soaked from mid-thigh and down, my feet were sodden but I was grinning throughout the night. 20120503-ShockProjection-1297 Even I realise that throughout this blog post you haven’t seen much of the projection images. I have saved that for the video clip. I know my preferred medium is photography but some things need the video to convey the full picture . . ..

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