The Gang behind the Gang

Maidstone Gang Show was recently run for a week at the Hazlitt Theatre in  . . . yep Maidstone (tricky guess huh !). The show is put on by Scouts and leaders from around the area. There were about 80 cast members this year but supporting them behind the scenes are a much weirder bunch of leaders we call ‘The Crew’ or ‘The Gang behind the Gang’. I am pleased to be part of this motley crew of techies, spot boys, flymen, props, makeup, costumes and other backstage crew. Now I have to say right up front here, I haven’t got photos of everyone. From my limited position and time available I just couldn’t get round to everyone or they didn’t pass by me when I could have the camera in my hand. So, apologies to those that I miss, apologies to some of those that I have ‘captured ‘ as well ! It’s worth mentioning that many of the crew used to be cast members in previous years gone by, some of those years are also pretty long gone by as well ! Here are some of my favourite crew photos from this show highlighting these often unseen characters: 20130531-MSGangShow-031 20130531-MSGangShow-051 20130531-MSGangShow-086 20130601-MSGangShow-366 20130601-MSGangShow-37020130601-MSGangShow-678 20130531-MSGangShow-071 20130531-MSGangShow-088 20130531-MSGangShow-288 20130531-MSGangShow-289 I’m sorry to leave that last one to the end . .. hope it didn’t scare anyone as you scrolled down the page!

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