Toni’s 40th Birthday

At the end of January, Toni celebrated her 40th birthday. Unbeknownst to her one of her best friends, Becci, had contacted me as a birthday surprise to come and take photos at her party. This is Becci (on the left) and Toni (on the right).20150131-Toni40th-194-2 The party was held at the Chequers PH in Laddingford. Its a lovely pub out in the sticks with a real traditional feel to it. A real log fire as well ! But hidden out the back is a marquee with a dance floor and some heaters (it was cold that night!) 20150131-Toni40th-075-2 Can you see the family resemblance in this next photo . . . ? 20150131-Toni40th-047-2 Here’s a few more photos of Toni with her friends on the night. I did shoot in colour but I quite liked the black and white look for this post. 20150131-Toni40th-270-3 20150131-Toni40th-254-2 20150131-Toni40th-199-2 It seemed that Toni and her friends and family had a great night out celebrating her birthday. I hope she likes the photos!

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