2013 End of Year Review

Back in January this blog had received 4,776 views over 55 posts and the most popular post received 218 views. My aim for this year was to blog every fortnight and see if I could increase my ‘views’ with the increased regularity of posting. I was doing really well until about October I think and then life just got in the way of the postings and I didn’t really achieve my target. Having a target did make me try and focus on my photography a bit more so that was a good thing. So, here we are twelve months later and what are my stats looking like now? 7,170 views, a difference of 2,394 over the year and 23 blog posts uploaded (24 with this one). I’m quite pleased with that really. I’ve added a good percentage of new views to the blog in the year (I cant work it out in my head). BTW – that top posting climbed to 256 views as well with the next closest way back at 184 views. Anyway . . . what have been the highlights of this year for me ? Rohan’s fourth birthday and first day of school2013_02_03 Rohan4Party-084 20130904-RohansFirstDay-028 Harvey’s ninth birthday
20131020-NerfParty-151 Easter Holiday in Somerset20130330-PortlockWeir-10219 Maidstone Scout Gang Show20130531-MSGangShow-167 Kent International Jamboree20130802-KIJ2013 Closing-489 Cycling Kent cycle routes and completing the BHF Viking Bike RideIMG_1847 That’s the first time I’ve posted photos of my family on the Shooterz blog btw. Happy New Year everyone.

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