Cornwall Holiday Pt.2

Ok – So I recently posted photos of St Michaels Mount from my holiday in Cornwall. The other photo opportunity that came up on the holiday was to photograph surfers. Its something I’ve never done before and my 70-200 lens wasn’t really long enough to get as close as I would have liked. However, there are so many megapixels in my camera that I  could afford to crop them down quite severely (just like digital zoom on your point and shoot camera). Here’s the pick of the bunch . . . 20110224-Cornwall-11920110224-Cornwall-12020110224-Cornwall-13120110224-Cornwall-142 I could have stayed much longer and tried some more shots but it was supposed to be a ‘family’ holiday and not a ‘camera’ holiday. I could have got a lot closer if I had been brave enough to get my toes wet but the water looked PROPER COLD !!!

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