Fireworks 2013

I had this great plan to blog every fortnight this year and see if my ‘hits’ went up on this blog. I failed ! I haven’t blogged her for a while now. I just haven’t had the time, work, family, all the normal stuff and other interests just got in the way and I didn’t get out with my camera. I managed to put that right with some fireworks photos this weekend so here we go . . . 20131110-SchoolFireworks-01220131110-SchoolFireworks-028 20131110-SchoolFireworks-01520131110-SchoolFireworks-032 20131110-SchoolFireworks-05120131110-SchoolFireworks-056 Its a short post and I usually like to write a few more words than this but hopefully this post will get me back in the swing of things and I can get back on schedule briefly before the year ends.

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