Happy New Year!

I believe this time of year is equally about looking back and reflecting as much as it is about looking forward to the new year ahead. So . . . . 2012 wasn’t a bad year for me with my Shooterz hat on. I shot a couple of weddings and a few more portrait sessions. I also got out and shot at a couple of events during the year. I got out of the studio in the latter part of the year and really enjoyed the experience and the photos that we got from the sessions as well. Here are some of my favourite photos from this year. Some you will have seen before and some you may not have . . . Claire and James: 20120303-ClaireButterworth-772-2 The Olympic Velodrome: velodrome2 The Olympic Stadium: 20120806-Olympics-4740 The Fire Service mini at Weymouth during the Olympics: 20120729-DorsetHoliday-4377__ Projection testing with Shock Solutions: 20120503-ShockProjection-1291 KCC at the Kent County Show as seen from the Helter Skelter: 20120715-KentShow2012-3872_3_4 My new ‘model’ friends: 20120916-Hythe-5413 20121007-CherylandMike-5651 The ever so pretty Leeds Castle: 20121118-LeedsCastle-7975 I cant have a review blog post like this and not include the couples from this years weddings: ClaireRichard-768 (Medium) 2012_10_27 ClaireSimon Wedding-035 (Medium) So I don’t think that I have had a bad year. 2013 has a couple of leads for weddings and I will definitely be looking to get out into the Kent countryside again for some more portraits. There are a couple of Scouting events that I am planning to get to as well so there should be enough material for the blog this year. Get in touch if you have any photographic needs this year . . . All the best for the New Year!

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