London Home Automation Pt.1

I had a really interesting day seeing what you can do in your home when money is no object and you have a geeky nature. I went to photograph a home in London where my friends at Shock Solutions were installing all the home gadgets possible. This home was designed and decorated to a really high standard. Shock Solutions were providing the AV and home automation integration, lighting and heating control and delivering TV, music and video around the home from a central location and controlled via iPads. Here’s a little movie of the LED lighting changing in the kitchen (which I did from my iPhone using the Rako app) If you know me, you’ll know how cool I thought this was !

Kitchen LED Lighting

Here’s one of the lighting options from the master ensuite bathroom, which includes changeable colours from IN the bathtub !! (Note the LED TV in the wall) 2010_12_30 Blythe Road-166 The stairs down to the cinema room also deployed more changeable LED lighting. 2010_12_30 Blythe Road-179 Did you notice the glimpse of the custom mural on the back wall of the cinema room. Here’s a better look below. Its a custom Chicago skyline (that’s where this couples other home is !). It was designed and painted by hand by the extremely talented Carren from Artistic Touch Artworks. I really like her work! 2010_12_30 Blythe Road-181 I will follow up this blog with another which is aimed more at the techy geeks with some of the facts on all the gadgets that have gone into this home.

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