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I have been taking a look at my blog recently and wondering what to do to take it up a notch. I’ve looked around a bit and looked at online advice about what a blog should do and how it should work etc. I’ve also been trying to take stock of all the different social networking or photography site accounts that I have. I think I need to re-group and define what I want to do with all these things.
Ok, here’s a photo to brighten the place up a bit. This was taken in the New Forest on my G9 camera on my tenth wedding anniversary and is one of my favourite photos:
I want to blog more regularly than I have been over the last couple of years but my target audience is confusing me. I am not a full time photographer so I am not a hard nosed businessman / photographer type (maybe one of my biggest mistakes you might say?).
Most people that care to look at my blog are in honesty probably my friends I guess. I have no idea whether I have ever picked up a job because someone read my blog. I also assume that people interested in hiring me look at my website first. Therefore, so long as I post great photos, do people care what the content is about so much?
This next photo is another of my favourites. It was actually taken in the middle of the night in the pitch black at Teston Bridge country park but the photo was taken over 3 minutes duration to get the look below:
I am going to start posting a wider range of posts on the blog (for example I haven’t really put many personal photos up in the past) and see if my stats go up at all. Lets see how things stand at the end of 2013!
This last photo was taken on holiday at Chatsworth House. This bridge is actually a listed building:
I started this blog in December 2009 so lets call it 2010. This means that currently as I type, there are 4,776 hits on 55 posts. My most popular post received 218 views and was titled ‘Shock Projection Testing’. Lets see what I can do to those numbers in 12 months.

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