River Medway in Flood – Teston – Dec 2013

Maidstone featured on the National news with the severe flooding that occurred. I have lived in or around Maidstone for 40 years (and a bit) and have never seen flooding like this before in and around Maidstone. There have been plenty of photos and videos posted but here is my own contribution. This was the scene on Christmas afternoon at Teston Country Park. From here it doesn’t look too bad if you didn’t know the scene better: 20131225-XmasDay-652 You can see it was quite a nice afternoon but it still doesn’t look too bad from up here . . . 20131225-XmasDay-657_8_9 Oh dear !! 20131225-XmasDay-667_8_9 If you take a closer look you can just make out the roof of a car between the signs and that’s the TOP of the bridge sticking out of the water – usually that’s a few meters above the water line. 20131225-XmasDay-665 For comparison, here’s a photo of the bridge with normal water levels: 090131-Teston-045

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