The Aylesford X Factor

I’m going to call this the first of my X Factor series. That’s because instead of sitting and watching said TV programme (enough advertising!), I’m trying to get out with the camera instead. The weather seems to be against me this week but last week I did get out to Aylesford, a local village with an old stone bridge.
It’s a cracking old English type scene and it turns out that recently they added under-arch lighting to the Aylesford Bridge. I’ve lived in this area all my life and never thought to get a decent image of the bridge before and now the night time scene has been changed forever.
Whilst there I got the bridge from a couple of different angles . . . .
I realise now of course that it might have been nicer with the tide in so live and learn to check the tide tables before I go out next time. My favourite shot from the night I have saved until last and still think it looks OK with the tide out. Some of these shots, including the last one were HDR shots merging 3 exposures together.

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