HMS Belfast

Last October we took a trip to see HMS Belfast on the Thames. It was a moody day but we dodged most of the showers. We were rewarded (photographically speaking) with some moody skies and a rainbow though between the raindrops whilst  looking over towards the Tower of London in the distance.
2012_11_01 HMS Belfast-045
For a blog post titled HMS Belfast, there are sorry few photos of the great ship in this post I’m afraid to say. I still find it to be an imposing site even though I am sure it is dwarfed by modern warships.
2012_11_01 HMS Belfast-001
HMS Belfast is moored in a wonderful part of the city with great views of some of the most famous landmarks in the city. They have developed this part of the embankment and remodelled the old bank side warehouses and buildings. It’s a great place to have a wander around but time didn’t allow on this visit. I will return and get some photos of this area to share with you another time.
2012_11_01 HMS Belfast-083
From some of the oldest sites, like Tower Bridge above,  I also saw one of the newest sites for the first time myself. The Shard! I think I caught it on a good day. We had blue skies and bright sunshine bouncing off the glass walls as well as the following stormy clouds forming an alternative backdrop.
2012_11_01 HMS Belfast-021
2012_11_01 HMS Belfast-059
I know they say the camera doesn’t really matter as much as the photographer but I do wish I had my ‘bigger’ camera with me on this day.

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