January Snow in Mote Park

Did anyone see on the news that there was some snow in the UK? The South east had a little bit of it and so I took a quick opportunity on the way home the other day to head to the park and see what it looked like. The lake in Mote Park had pretty much frozen over entirely which is something I don’t ever remember seeing before . . . 20130118-MotePark Snow-8713 The park was quiet with very few people around. That’s probably because (apart form the obvious!) it was bitterly cold when I was out there. I left my gloves in the car so I could use my camera and they were frozen cold in minutes. 20130118-MotePark Snow-8724 Here is a panorama of the lake, taken from one of my favourite viewpoints at the top of the new steps. Click on the image to see a larger version. 20130118-MotePark SnowPano3 More snow is expected, I am going to try and get out some more this year . . . .

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