Rochester Cathedral and Castle

Recently on a crisp frosty morning I visited Rochester Castle and grabbed a few photos. Some of these shots are combined images at multiple exposures and I then applied some software changes to change the look of them a bit. I hope you like what I did here? 20141231-Rochetser Castle-002_tonemapped Rochester Castle is an English Heritage site and you can check its details here. Its not a huge site but its pretty impressive to see the scale of the construction. They certainly built these places to last. The internals were destroyed by fire long long ago unfortunately because ironically a fire in the hearth would have been very welcome on the morning that I visited! 20141231-Rochetser Castle-078_79_80 You can get great views of the Cathedral from the top of the Castle – its only 200 steps to the top! 20141231-Rochetser Castle-050_1_2 Do you prefer the shot above or the more processed look below? 20141231-Rochetser Castle-047_8_9 And taken from back on terra firma . . . 20141231-Rochetser Castle-058_59_60 20141231-Rochetser Castle-082

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