Scotney Castle . . again!

I believe I have blogged about this place before. In fact I know I have, you can read the previous blog post here:  I visited Scotney Castle again and had my camera with me. It’s interesting that I automatically seem to go for the HDR shots when I go to this place. For some reason I can see straight away that I want to capture a wider ranged image than possible with a straight photo and I love the colours that I can get with the HDR processing. 20130217-ScotneyCastle-9710_1_2

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This was default processing in the software that I use without any other tinkering but I loved the way the blues came out so didn’t play with the photos any further. 20130217-ScotneyCastle-9732_3_4Here’s a better look at the newer house on the top of the hill:20130217-ScotneyCastle-9787_8_9 You may not like this look of these photo’s, they aren’t as natural looking as my usual style of photography but I still like them (I wouldn’t show them to you if I didn’t like them would I !). This was February 2013 and what a great day! It was the first day that made you think that the wet winter might finally be behind us. You can see we were blessed with great weather. I sat and had my lunch in my t-shirt and soaked up the view below: 20130217-ScotneyCastle-9823_4_5 One last photo of the blue skies, the great reflections and the wonderful old castle sitting on the moat.20130217-ScotneyCastle-9719_20_21 Tell me if you like this style of photos or prefer the more natural look ?

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