Scotney Castle

It’s been a while since a post and I realised that I hadn’t shared my trip to Scotney Castle (National Trust) with you. It’s an idyllic venue with some great picturesque scenes to be had.
I was all by myself so had plenty of time to wait for people to clear the scenes and played with some HDR photos.
For those not in the know, HDR stands for ‘High Dynamic Range’ and is a process where you combine multiple photos into a single image. The idea is that you can show detail in the brightest areas of the image as well as detail in the darkest areas at the same time!
Compare this photo above which is HDR with the same shot shown below which is a single photo . . . Look at the sky for the give away . . .
You can see that I was REALLY lucky with the day, the moat was absolutely calm and the reflections were the best. You will also see that the HDR images have an almost painting like quality about them (some more than others). This is a choice I make when combining the photos together – I quite like it  – do you ? You can see the effect a little more in the last photo below:
Until next time . . . .

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