The London Eye 4D Experience

Pretty much everyone will have heard of the London Eye. Not everyone will necessarily have heard of the accompanying 4D experience. The 4D experience is an extra ‘add-on’ which you get with your ticket for the main event. 20140321-20140321-LondonEye-221_2_3
I went up to see the 4D experience on a glorious sunny day with the owner of Shock Solutions to see the results of the recent refit. For those of you who aren’t in the know, the fourth dimension in a 4D cinematic experience is that if it rains on screen, you get wet, if it’s foggy, you cant see anything. 20140321-20140321-LondonEye-209_10_11
Shock Solutions installed all the LED lighting in the 4D cinema and it does look amazing! 20140321-20140321-LondonEye-173 20140321-20140321-LondonEye-175 20140321-20140321-LondonEye-191 I heartily recommend making the time to go and see this short sharp attack on the senses. Having seen it myself, its quite entertaining, especially if you never experienced a 4D cinema before!

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