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I went on a really good photography workshop day today run by GF Smith which was very much a day of doubles; 2 x presenters, 2 x shoots and 2 x models. The two presenters worked well together and offered contrasting styles of shooting. They were: Kevin Wilson: A well known and decorated wedding photographer who favoured available light shooting modified with reflectors. Mark Lawrence: Another accomplished photographer representing a different style of shooting using portable flash lighting The two models were both excellent and really easy to work with. Its a shame they aren’t local models, it would be great to work with them again. Ella was in the wedding dress and Holly wore the feathers. They were the icing on the cake for me as I don’t generally work with professional models. Here’s a selection of some of my favourite images converted to black and white as that seemed to be a preference of the day. I will put a fuller set of colour images on the Shooterz website in due course. 20110517-BeInspired-01320110517-BeInspired-01920110517-BeInspired-05820110517-BeInspired-09220110517-BeInspired-13520110517-BeInspired-14720110517-BeInspired-17320110517-BeInspired-18920110517-BeInspired-200 It was a great day and as ever, there’s always something new to learn.

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  • Ella Rose Reply

    Thank you for the mention! It was a great day. Glad you enjoyed it. I like the shot through the trellis and the full length shot of Holly best! 🙂

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