I had a headshot job this week and after we had got the basics under the belt the idea of colour backgrounds came up. I had these gels for my flash lights which I hadn’t used much before and so we had a flutter and got some great photos. After the job was done, I got the family around the camera and tried some more shots with some other colours. I like the results so am sharing them here. If you have a need for headshots for anything then call me and lets sort out a session! Its a bit more interesting than the plain white background all the time (which I still like of course). 20140223-Headshots-21120140223-Headshots-15120140223-Headshots-15520140223-Headshots-16120140223-Headshots-16920140223-Headshots-206 Sorry! Just couldn’t convince the wife to step in front of the camera on this occasion.

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