Hugo Dobson

Last week I took photos for the Heart of Kent Hospice charity golf day. I thought the day was going to be a bit slow with lots of waiting around. It turned out that I was sharing the same hole for photos, as the ‘Beat the Pro’ challenge. The golf pro in question was a young man (compared to me at least!) named Hugo Dobson. He was a very charming fellow and we chatted quite easily all day and the time passed by quickly.

I thought it would be nice to write a post to support Hugo as he aims for sparkling career in golf, littered hopefully, with his fair share of trophies and success.

The aim of ‘Beat the Pro’ was for the players to get their ball closer to the flag than Hugo. All in the name of charity, a wager of £5 was paid by each player taking on the challenge. If they won they could double their money. By the end of the day Hugo had comfortably stayed ahead and only about eight players had managed to beat him.

It was interesting to see Hugo play the same hole sixteen times. We had time in between to talk about the tactics he was using and some of the things which he thinks about when choosing which club to play the shot. This changed through the day as the wind strength and direction changed a few times.

The hole that was being played was a water obstacle and although not great in length, the green was on an island sorrounded on all fronts by water. It was after the wind changed on one occasion that was the only time that Hugo got his ball wet and didnt make it to the island.

It gave me plenty of opportunities to get photos of Hugo from different angles. I trusted Hugo enough to lay down in front of him when taking the shot. This wasnt something I chanced with any of the other players. I had only taken golf photos once before so the day was a real experience for me. I was pleased with the results and sent Hugo a number of photos after the event.

I hope you like the black and white conversions that I have used in this post?

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